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IGI & CO was born as a footwear project dedicated to wellness, a high-performance technical product, stylistic research and Italian taste: footwear characterized by extreme lightness, flexibility and breathability, made with selected leathers, care and quality materials. All MADE IN ITALY! Products, therefore, of universal, “transversal”, dynamic and modern use that always offer current stylistic-aesthetic contents, the result of careful research and continuous innovation. Styling never disregards consideration of the jobs suitable for the multiple needs of work, travel that today affect every person who is actively engaged in the profession or who loves to lead a dynamic life. The IGI & CO footwear collections are comfortable but with ‘performance’ as a sports product and with a “citywear” look suitable for both formal situations and everyday life occasions, with a strong vocation of the brand for high performance and multifunctionality. In 2012, the brand embraced a more complete Total Look by extending its collections to both men’s and women’s clothing, launching the new and elegant single-brand IGI & CO STORE franchising stores, present today in city centers and in the best shopping centers. Their layout reflects the nature and philosophy of the brand to enhance its characteristics and mission: minimalist and sober furnishings in natural tones, quality materials, rational and modern display that enhances the visibility of the products. A soft and elegant setting but dedicated to the maximum enhancement of the Total Look IGI & CO and its rich and articulated collection. In fact, in the IGI & CO single-brand stores, the wide range of footwear models is coordinated with the very current and versatile clothing items. All Collections, Clothing and Footwear, are “Made in Italy”: design, love and expertise in the selection of the best materials and great Italian manufacturing tradition. Italian clothing and footwear are synonymous of quality and style all over the world. IGI & CO is a great Italian brand.

  • made in Italy product
  • unsold turnover
  • online reassortment
  • free design of sales point
  • trainer service and visual merchandising support
  • free management software
  • communication from national leader through tv, radio, paper, magazine, poster
  • support opening communication
  • fidelity card and direct marketing actions with messages and dem to very loyal clients.

Request the information below to open an IGI & CO store


Direct sales points: 3

Affiliated stores: 150


  • Sector: footwear
  • Initial investment: from 400 to 700 € / m2
  • Duration of the contract (in years): 6 years

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