It, through a simple registration, allows instantaneous identification of the visitor's needs, whatever interest he has in the world of franchising. From the potential franchisor affiliate to investors and masters or companies that seek or offer properties for commercial use, Matchsystem ® allows you to provide answers thanks to its precise search algorithm.

The system will provide free the indication of the most appropriate franchisor based on the parameters entered, while for more advanced functions, at the request of the interested parties, we will proceed with a personalized service.

PROVALO! Oltre 500 brand tra cui cercare

Analysis and profiling

To make easier the processes, we gather information to understand the needs of all the parties, franchisees and franchisors, to create subsequently a database.

In order to analyze the needs and the fundamental futures of the franchisor, we have to consider the following instructions:

  • profiling the trademark and the company’s mission
  • analyzing the territorial requirements useful to develop a network
  • analyzing the ideal affiliate profile
  • direct research of potential franchisees suitable for the profile designed in the set-up phase,
  • At the same time, we structure a detailed analysis of the franchisee candidates:
  • promotion of the franchising concept and provide more detailed information about the franchising world;
  • analyzing the potential affiliate profiles and verify the chance to associate them with new or established businesses.

Report and monitoring the results

The database allows us to get in touch, as efficiently as possible, people in the guise of potential franchisor and franchisee which want to share  an entrepreneurial path, then we proceed with:

  • Helping the orientation of the candidate toward the business chance more suited to his features, matching them with the franchisors’ requests.
  • Supporting in the format franchising choice.


AZ Franchising lets the parties free in the negotiation phase that could be concluded with the signing of the contract. Anyway, Az Franchising continues to monitor the development of the relations.
Especially, it involves franchisor and franchisee again, both engaged in the enrichment of the database providing them another form – similar to that one utilized in the profiling phase – utilized to study the steps and the fundamental methodologies which usually bring to the development of the relations, in order to analyze, standardize and the further automatization of the matching process, to make it easier in the future.

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